Tournaments & Socials


The best part of ultimate might be the tournaments. UTKA tries to send a team to as many tournaments as possible, sometimes even going abroad. This gives you the opportunity to play against unknown teams and spend
the weekend with your teammates. An ultimate tournament is usually two days of playing, with an awesome party at the end of the first day. We sleep near the playing fields, in tents or in a hall.

After an intense weekend of playing and partying, you might experience some PTD (post tournament depression).
But that’s okay, great memories were made and you will see your teammates again soon at practice!

Frozen Cherries

UTKA also organises their own outdoor tournament, ‘Frozen Cherries’, in April. Besides games, the committee
organizes a beer race, fun activities to do in the breaks in between games and an awesome party on Saturday
evening! We put great effort in the decoration of the place. Teams can earn a prize for winning the games, but also for being the most spirited team or for being the most fun team. UTKA-members are always welkom to
participate in the committee or to help as a volunteer. If you are a team looking for more information on the
format and the next edition of Frozen Cherries, click here!


Apart from playing Ultimate together, we love to gather for fun socials to bond outside of practice. Our social committee comes up with great activities. They have organized a beer pong tournament, a cycling drinks
night, a sail trip in the summer and many more fun stuff. We also have unofficial socials like having dinner
together, throwing in the park, game nights or going out. If you have fun ideas as a member, you can join the
socials committee or send your ideas to the board.


The most special social of the year is UTKamp, our very own camp. The committee that organizes UTKamp puts a
lot of work in the programme of the camp. It is a full weekend of games, hiking, being outside, partying and
chilling at an accommodation in the middle of nowhere.