The costs for playing with UTKA ultimate are separated into membership costs, competitions costs and the price of the super awesome UTKA gear. Only the membership costs are mandatory, whereas participating in the ultimate competition and buying UTKA gear are optional.

Membership costs

Once a year the membership costs must be paid, the normal membership cost is separated in two parts: The OlymPas and a direct contribution towards UTKA. The olympass comes with loads of extra perks besides being able to play with UTKA. With the olympass you’re able to use loads of facilities which are offered by Olympos. These facilities include amongst other things: Yoga group sessions, fitness, being able to use the tennis and squash fields freely and loads of other things, you can find more information here. For internationals who only stay in the
Netherlands for half a year it’s possible to buy a half-year OlymPas and pay a reduced contribution towards UTKA.

Olympas Contribution Total
Year membership
(3 Seasons: September-June)
€ 140- € 30- € 170-
Half year membership
(First half September-Febuary, Second
€ 95- € 15- € 110-

Competition costs

Besides the mandatory membership costs, UTKA encourages its members to participate in the ultimate competitions. There are three separate competitions each year: open, indoor and mixed. For each competition a separate fee must be paid if one wants to play with UTKA. This fee consists of two costs: A license cost which each player needs to pay separately and a team fee for which each player needs to pay around €10 for the open and mixed competitions and €25 for the indoor competition. The amount which each player needs to pay for the team fee is depends on the team size.

Licence Team fee Total
€ 8- € 10- € 18-
€ 8- € 25- € 33-
€ 8- € 10- € 18-

Costs Utka gear

Lastly UTKA has its own awesome ultimate gear. The necessary gear for playing ultimate frisbee consists of: a dark and a white jersey, sport shorts, cleats and most importantly a disk. It’s not mandatory for members to buy the UTKA gear, but of course it’s highly recommended. It is mandatory to have cleats, because playing without cleats increases the risk for injuries and hinders the players capability of running freely.

Full Kit
(2 jerseys (black and white) and red shorts)
€ 80-
Regular Utka jersey
€ 32-
(Price per shirt)
Utka shorts
€ 20-
Utka long slevee
(Duck design)
€ 37-
Sleveless Utka jersey
(Same design as the regular jersey)
€ 32-